Wayne Dalton Conversion Kit Double Car


Our Wayne Dalton conversion is here.
It includes ALMOST  everything needed to convert from a torquemaster system to a more readily available torsion spring system.
So what does “ALMOST” mean.  Very simply due to the prohibitive cost to ship the tube shaft we don’t include. But don’t worry it’s eay to pickup from your local metal supplier or local Garage Door dealer.
So what’s Needed:
Tube needed will need to be 1′ longer than the door is wide.  Example a 9′ wide door will need a 10′ tube/shaft.  Tube is standard 1″ outside diameter steel tube, very thin wall such as .060″, .083″ or .090″.
All 14, 15, 16 and 18 foot wide doors will come with two springs. less that 14′ wide come with 1 spring.
This kit is to convert your broken Torque Master spring system to an  standard torsion system.
This kit includes everything you will need except for the tube also referred to as the shaft.  See notes below for more details
Included are the following items.
(1) Set of instructions
(1 or 2) Standard 15,000 cycle spring. This spring is calculated for this door wiegh provided by the our loyal customer. Ie that’s you
(1) Pair of residential end bearing plates.
(1) Residential center bearing spring mount.
(1) Pair of standard residential drums.
(1) Pair of standard residential cables.
(1) Hardware bag (Includes all hardware needed for conversion).
**** Tube shaft NOT INCLUDED. Like battieries not included****