Rodent Block Premium Seal 10′


Rodent Block


**Customer must have



  • Dependable rodent-proof must have barrier provides a rodent proof garage door seal that will keep pest out – pests such as rodents and insects.
  • Rodent Proof Door Seal is made up of multiple protective layers such as an outer layer of heavy-duty rubber, a layer of stainless-steel screen, and an inner core of fill fabric. This creates a barrier that pests and rodents are unable and unwilling to gnaw through. The brush seal will conform to any uneven surfaces to eliminate tiny gaps and provides even more protections from the smallest pests.
  • Easy to install kit will includes everything you need to replace old seals with the Rodent Proof garage door seals – Please see our installation video for assistance.


** Don’t forget to order perimeter Rodent weather strip – another customer must have!


Testimonial –


I was having major issues with mice and rats getting into my garage – they actually chewed through the bottom rubber in many areas leaving my house vulnerable and overrun! After calling an exterminator to rid my house of the rodents I contacted my Garage Door technician and was introduced to Rodent block. It was easy to install following along with the video from It has been over 6 months and I no longer have rodents chewing through my garage door.


Christina Watkins

London Ontario