Genie B6170H Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener, DC Motor Lifts up to 14ft


Genie Sidemount


  • Heavy-duty jackshaft lifting forces with a new design but modified for a residential setting and smoother operation.
  • The Aladdin Connect smart-garage app comes standard on the 6170H-B logic module. Also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant devices. App available on IOS and Playstore for convenience.
  • Enhances safety with Open/Close notifications and ability to set up time alerts for your garage from any compatible mobile device! You can see usage reports on up to 20 users with NO monthly subscription fees!
  • garage door opener is wall mount for either right or left side with soft start and stop torsion side-bar style
  • 24 VDC
  • Intellicode 315 to 390 auto-selection frequency and switches automatically the MHz wavelength to avoid interference with nearby devices. No ghost operations!
  • Speed of 7.5 seconds for up/down speeds on most doors and most settings.
  • Patent-pending integrated cable slack auto-tensioning – very cool feature.
  • Will include a 37220R Safety Beam Set 39902R Wireless Wall Console G3T-BX tx