Garage Door Slidelock 2 pack


Slidelock for residential or commercial garage doors


  • Brand new Commercial Garage door Slide Lock
  • Includes 2 Slide Lock With 8 Self tapper screws/fasteners Per Pack.
  • This interior slidelock is fastened along the left or right side of the garage door and has a sliding bolt that easily pushes through a square in the vertical track to securely lock the garage door when in the closed position.
  • Can be used on both residential and commercial doors.
  • Installing on one side will typically provide ample security, but in some cases, you may wish to include a lock on both sides. A padlock or combo lock can also be used with this type of slide lock to provide even more security.
  • Universal Latch For 2″ or 3″ Track
  • 2-3/4″ Throw length and 7-3/4″ overall bar length.
  • Spring activated.