Garage Door Overhaul Tune Up Kit Standard Double Door


Tune-up kit – Basic


** Economical and easy way to extend the life and performance of your garage door, Customer favourite


  • Ultra-Life, durable high quality Hardware Replacement Kit designed to improve the performance and life of your garage door
  • Hardware will fit a variety of door sizes, weight and manufacturers.
  • We will provide thicker gauge hinges and nylon rollers that will quiet down loud doors and support the weight of heavier doors.
  • The hardware tune-up Kit Includes the following 11x #1 Hinges, 2x #2 Hinges, 2x #3 Hinges, 2x Top Brackets, 10x premium 11 ball bearing nylon rollers and high-quality replacement cables.
  • Fits 14×7,16×7,14×8 and 16×8 Doors